The beginning of life on a unique perspective

A depiction of an epiphany

This shot was taken at University of the Philippines Los Banos, during my internship. It caught my attention because it is a young one springing on the trunk of an old and mighty tree. This was originally for our photography class, but there you go, I am using it as a clear illustration of epiphany.

Epiphany, in layman’s term is a eureka moment. Scratch the part of being a layman, what I’m trying to say is that it’s the light bulb going on when you have this brilliant idea in your mind.

Epiphanies come in the most unexpected moments,  those times when you least expect them. However, I can’t exactly say that when epiphanies come, it is entirely for the best of everyone’s interests. Sometimes, it’s a reality about yourself, it’s something that you keep bottled up for so long and now is the only time you get to realize it.

You must be asking why am I babbling about epiphanies…Well I just had one you see, and now I was wondering about how epiphanies work, why it happens and whether epiphanies can make or break a decision in one’s life. Oh well, I can’t think straight for now.

About The Scribbler

I have this thirst for learning. I am forever curious. I love to delve into stories by reading, watching or even listening. I believe I am unique. God is with Me all the time. I make mistakes but I learn from them. I love building lasting relationships. I am afraid of the unknown, so it's either I stay away or find out. I believe I am more matured that I was before.
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