Aand.. It’s Gone



I’m sorry to burst your balloon…but

How it would be a queer world if every now and then, we wish things we don’t like to just be gone – in a blink of an eye. To never let it affect us ever again. IF. Just IF. However, waking up to reality, Things are exactly the opposite.

I’m sure you have already heard of the saying “bursting your bubble”, when in MY case, it’s bursting a balloon.

Here you are, enjoying a perfect afternoon being just dandy, and then all of a sudden, you read something and you feel that a balloon inside burst because it was pricked by an oh-so-tiny-needle, thus the illustration.

Falling for you was not my choice. It was my heart who decided.

How are you going to contest on that? It came from the lips (well the mind) of that one person… and I thought I was okay…


Aand.. it’s gone

Funny. Real Funny. But deep down. Hurt. Well, this is the melodramatic part…But just being real here. So here I am, running to my therapy, which is writing and spilling out. I know I shouldn’t feel bad. But hell, If I can’t be true to myself through this blog, and then might as well go crazy over the whirlwind of emotions I am feeling…

About The Scribbler

I have this thirst for learning. I am forever curious. I love to delve into stories by reading, watching or even listening. I believe I am unique. God is with Me all the time. I make mistakes but I learn from them. I love building lasting relationships. I am afraid of the unknown, so it's either I stay away or find out. I believe I am more matured that I was before.
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