Happy New Year 2012!So much happened at 2012. So much is happening this 2013. I don’t have the time to tell one by one how and why they happened, but every little thing they did and I experienced was a blast. Now, as for 2013…

Thankfully, I managed to have a job, thanks to my dad’s connections.

I now work in an environment that, never in my wildest dreams, had I ever imagined to be in. It’s not extreme or anything, in fact it’s a steady office where business is healthy and thriving.

It’s okay I guess.

I once read in a book that it’s better if you count what are the good things and not tick off the disadvantages.. but hey, if I’m not allowed to do it here, but where will I be?


  • it’s math-oriented. M.A.T.H. whew! This is the ‘never-in-my-wildest-dreams’ part comes true. In this work, I live and breath math, money, invoices, receipts, the works. 
  • stressful. Well, what job would not be stressful? However, I’m still new to this and I’m allowed to rant in here.
  • the hours. I have a job that ideally, is in an 8-5 setting. however, because I need to catch up on the work, and demands should be met in record time, I am also required(?) uhm, expected(?) to do works after hours and even on weekends.
  • clueless. stemming up from the MATH arena, of course I am clueless baout everything about the job.
  • anxiety. again, this is my first job and is a demanding job, sooooo, need I say more? haha

Okay. enough with all the negativity. Here is the list of positive things I experienced, know, observed and feel in this job:

  • I have with me, some of the most amazing colleagues in the world. Sure, we are all in the same boat, but they never, not once, failed to help me and guide me. They are like my instant ate-s, out there to look after me, but also allowing me to learn things on my own.
  •   My boss is as demanding as strict and as everything a boss should be,  but she is also there to give out tips, advices, and lessons I need to learn. She gave me a chance to become a professional abroad, is still patient with me even though I have MANY mistakes. I guess I need to live up more to her expectations. Nevertheless, I am thankful that she is my boss.
  • I can help out with my family already. it’s a wonderful wonderful feeling being able to give to your family. ‘First fruits’ sabi nga. Syempre, it’s a fulfillment.
  • There is more to learn and understand. Kahit na math primarily ang work ko, I still get to experience real time situations that is new to me. Office under currents, camaraderie between colleagues and office mates, conflicts, so much more. Kasama na din dito yung pakikibagay sa iba-ibang lahi.
  • One positive thing that I like in this job is the sense of achievement whenever I accomplish a task, even if it’s a small one. when you hear bits of good remarks about you, even if it’s a simple ‘good work’, ‘good job’ or ‘very good’. It matters to me. A lot. because in this job, I put an extra mile. Along with all the fears, the anxiousness and the worries, I try to do what I can and more.

You want to know a secret? Siguro ang kalaban ko lang talaga eh yung sarili ko. How can you be at war and wanting to be at peace with yourself? It’s like having two you-s inside, and you can’t find  way how to reconcile them. On the negative side, andun lahat ng fears, worries, frustrations, ill-feelings, short tempers, bad habits ko. Syempre on the other side, there’s the aspirations, the accomplishments, the humility, the sense of wonder and wander, the sense of adventure, fulfillment, love, care, even passion.  On most times, I let the bad side take over, especially when it comes to worrying about work.

Kapag sinabing trabaho, ang naiisip ko kaagad: stress, worry, mahirap, gusto ko na yata sumuko. AND I’m only one month on the job. 😛

Pero pag naiisip ko na magtyaga lang ako, magsipag lang ako, maging positive thinker lang ako, magagawa ko naman eh. Think on the positive side. Kaya maraming trabaho, kasi thriving yung business nyo. Mas maganda yun, kaysa lugi diba?

Hindi mo pa alam lahat about the financial side, then good, this is an opportunity to learn. Pagbalik mo ng Pilipinas, hindi ka na masyadong tatanga tanga sa Math and money. It will suit the one plan of building a company of your own.

Stressful? MAKE TIME to enjoy even the littlest joy in life, a text a call from loved ones that you miss, read a good book, getan extra 10 minutes of sleep. do what makes you happy.

MANAGE YOUR TIME WELL. Sunday-Thursday, do your work, sometimes add on your part-time as well, Friday, GO TO CHURCH. THIS IS A MUST. Ikaw din ang nanghihina with all the negativity and what better way to be whole again than by being in God’s presence? Then PSSP. Make it a point that you participate as well bec this is your dad’s legacy. then, free time. If you have work, do it on Saturday, if urgent, then why not. Just have a minimum of three hours to yourself. rest, sleep, write,read, eat, explore…. ENJOY.

Feeling better now, I guess.

Still lots on my mind but I guess when it comes too much, I’ll run my way back here. Till next time. 🙂

About The Scribbler

I have this thirst for learning. I am forever curious. I love to delve into stories by reading, watching or even listening. I believe I am unique. God is with Me all the time. I make mistakes but I learn from them. I love building lasting relationships. I am afraid of the unknown, so it's either I stay away or find out. I believe I am more matured that I was before.
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