It was surreal. It’s as if I underwent a time warp, and here we are again, the same situation as before.. Dancing to a tune that only we can hear. What is happening?

Honestly, I do not know why I STILL pour out all that I feel and think and feel whenever we talk. I find it awesome and weird at the same time. What the hell am I doing this time? Hanging on to every word, launching myself to scraps of attention given. Ugh. So pathetic. Pathetic at its finest.

 Yeah I know, it’s rant rant rant all the way, but hey, I almost gave in to the request of seeing this little ‘haven’ of mine. It sucks just to remember that this person can just stride in and demand things from me and then leave whenever the itch arises. That’s why I’m glad I resisted. I’m glad I didn’t gave in.

This is where I pour my thoughts, my fears, my happiness and all the things in between; that’s why if I’m not sure yet that I can trust you with all that I am, then I cannot give this up for you….

About The Scribbler

I have this thirst for learning. I am forever curious. I love to delve into stories by reading, watching or even listening. I believe I am unique. God is with Me all the time. I make mistakes but I learn from them. I love building lasting relationships. I am afraid of the unknown, so it's either I stay away or find out. I believe I am more matured that I was before.
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