A Letter To My First Love — From A Married Person

I totally get this. The things I see and read here, makes me think that I am not alone and people before me have also experienced what I felt, feels..

Thought Catalog

So. I saw you yesterday for the first time in a few years.

Since the time you were awkward to me in Seb’s driveway and wouldn’t come see me later on that Christmas week when we were both crying on the phone, both loving and hating each other at the same time. The night I realized you might only love the idea of me after so much long distance.

It feels weird — knowing that years have passed and I don’t know anything about your life — or even who you are or how to talk to you. Especially when we could (and did) talk on the phone for five hours at a time. (A pretty good feat, I’d say.)

Can I admit something? I really did think I’d forgotten you by blocking you out. But for some reason I was so nervous before Seb’s wedding, the bad nervous I…

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