They Always Come Running Back, Even After They Break Your Heart

Exactly what I want to say.

Thought Catalog

Can you love someone even if you’re not a couple? David was the love of my life. Well, we never dated for real and we weren’t technically official, but I was in love with him and I thought he felt the same. Or at least I thought he felt similar. We would sit around for hours and laugh and talk about nothing in particular or everything under the sun. When we walked around the city, people stopped to tell us what a cute couple we were, and every time I looked at him I felt lucky to be so close to his body. It was mine.

Things went awry when he started canceling our plans and making weird excuses about why he couldn’t see me. “I have a work thing” became “I’m sick” which turned into “I can’t make it can we reschedule.” Hey, I can take a hint. And…

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