Facebook and whatnots

I post a bunch of stuff in facebook: photos, thoughts, quotes, videos. My sister even told me that I should just be in tumblr, and reblog everything to my heart’s content. 

Good idea I guess. But who would actually see? Or just notice maybe? 

You see subconsciously (not so much anymore since I have eritten it here now), I’d like to see that one day, one would care enough to know what I like, what I see as amazing and what fascinates me. Too ambitious maybe? 

I learned yesterday that in order for you to attract what you desire, you have to want it and yet not need it. At first I was like, huh? But then it was explained that when you just “want” something, you aspire and strive in order to achieve it. However, when you “need” it, you are so desperate enough to get that specific thing, by hook or by crook.

So I guess this clears things up a bit. 

Maybe I am too obssessed in finding THAT. (Insert one deep sigh here)

I need to get something brewing in my head, and not just be stuck on the same old yearning. 

So to anyone who would care enough to look at my facebook posts. Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time. :p 

In the meantime, I’m still posting about whatnots on Facebook.  


About The Scribbler

I have this thirst for learning. I am forever curious. I love to delve into stories by reading, watching or even listening. I believe I am unique. God is with Me all the time. I make mistakes but I learn from them. I love building lasting relationships. I am afraid of the unknown, so it's either I stay away or find out. I believe I am more matured that I was before.
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