Of Christmas and the morning after

I opened this blog on Christmas day because I don’t want to feel the holiday blues. Okay, scratch that, I am feeling the holiday blues.

That’s why the first thing I wanted to do was to talk. At first I was like looking for someone online – a friend or even a relative who I can catch up with, wish them a happy holidays, but could not muster the strength to do so, an simply because I know that I have this blue eyed monster on my back. It would be better not to talk to anyone living as I might spoil their Christmas buzz.

So here I am. 

Christmas this year is good.The usual gift-hunting-food-cooking-cold-enduring season that we all love. However with all the usual festivities, I realized that it’s not the season or the spirit who is changing but it’s the people who celebrate it that does the changing. Or at least the mindset.

Christmas for kids is for fun, for presents, waiting for ninongs and ninangs to give  their most awaited gifts (or not). 😛

However, as for adults – even for people in between – the tables are turned. No I don’t mind spending if it brings smiles on people’s faces. But sometimes, I just wish I feel again that happiness when I am younger, the joy you feel when you know that Christmas is here.

And by now a part of my brain is saying, Christmas is remembering the birth of Christ, and so on and so forth… Don’t get me wrong. I am thankful. I am remembering. I do not take that fact for granted but I also need to be true to myself that this is how I feel: nostalgic for that feeling. (geez, I sound like I have a split personality disorder. :P)

 I want something meaningful. An enjoyable conversation will do. A quest to just walk around in the streets of Dubai and just do people watching. Maybe actually buy a gift or two. Do a lot more thinking and figuring out what I want to do.To just be myself, maybe how to improve myself. 

I know. Signs of over thinking? Perhaps.

Now that I’m writing it all down, I got it organized (somehow) in my head. If not, I’ll return to this favorite place and do a hell lot more thinking. 🙂 






The past year was a learning experience

You were tested

You wrote

You learned

But this year is a year of action

Of taking everything that you have learned over the past year and putting it to work

Your beliefs

Your skills

Your talents

There are lots of possibilities

Lots of options

Let’s be honest for a second

You really don’t know what you are truly capable of

Impossible is just something you haven’t found the solution to yet

It doesn’t mean that one doesn’t exist

So create it

Create the future

By acting in the present

Actions are the most valuable commodities on the planet

Words, even graceful ones, can be created by anybody

You can write them, speak them, post them anywhere to the world

But the man who acts – that man is invaluable

He gets things done

He works

He grinds

And he creates a beautiful world

For himself and others

I vow

– Evan Sanders



About The Scribbler

I have this thirst for learning. I am forever curious. I love to delve into stories by reading, watching or even listening. I believe I am unique. God is with Me all the time. I make mistakes but I learn from them. I love building lasting relationships. I am afraid of the unknown, so it's either I stay away or find out. I believe I am more matured that I was before.
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