Hey-Yow What’s Up? A quick Update

I’m currently munching on some biscuits as I type this and I cannot help but find it that much has happened since my last outburst here.

Well, to start, Mr. Positivity turned out to also being Mr. Business-minded himself. Mr. Usana to be more specific. Hehe. Akalain mo yung networking na joke ng mga kapatid ko, totoo pala. <insert iyak-tawa emoji here>  They  even have the guts to us the term OPEN-MINDED. I was laughing inside as soon as I heard it, kasi naman, si Life naman kung makapag-biro, straight out from a cliche’d joke book.

Ano ba pinagsasabi ko? well I won’t go to the specifics so much, pero eto na here it goes, specific man to o hindi, basta i’ll narrate what happened:

Owing to the fact that I cannot contain my feels from my last blog post, I decided to copy and paste some of the realizations I had and posted it on FB. Eto namang si Mr. Positvity, called me out of the blue, say last two Sundays ago, just I was preparing for my training in Manila. He immediately asks me about that post – pertaining to my excerpt from the blog.

“Ano yung post mo? Tungkol saan?” He quips. To tell you honestly, I was genuinely surprised and touched that there’s someone who’s literally interested with what I have to share on FB, kasi as I explained numerous blog posts ago, na I just don’t post anything on FB. What I post, are clues to my being, How I can be happy, How I entertain myself, what I feel – small clues about me. So ayun nga, I told me, “Binasa mo talaga? Curious ka talaga?” With him replying in ascent, sabi nya, “Oo naman, pinost mo eh, Tsaka yang mga post na ganyan, alam ko na yan.”

Kinilig naman ako amp. HAHAHA!!! Naivete here. Looking back, ang sarap batukan eh. HAHA. Alam ko naman ilusyon KO lang to, pero di ba, rationale ko sa sarili ko, hanggat alam ko sa sarili kong hindi ako umaasa sa kanaya, walang masama. Besides, I’m just exploring friendships. I know full well that whatever this is, IS NOT the one I’m looking for. Oo na, di na ako magdedefend. haha. Moving on,

“Alam mo, mag-join ka na lang sa Financial Literacy seminar na alam ko, mga multi-hyphenated yung magta-talk sa seminar.” Ako naman itong si Naivete, syempre go lang. Interested, syempre, for my side, I also want to learn how to be mature financially. I want to know GENUINELY kung paano makapag-invest, paano magsave up for the future. So there i went even if it’s a Sunday, even if I have to pay PHP 150 for it. Come to think of it, business na business talaga sila ano? Ako na nga yung ijo-join nila sa network marketing, as they call it, ako pa nagbayad. Hay naku, Ikaw kasi, Nadadala ka ng mabulaklak na salita.

Ayun I endured long talks and testimonies of members of the said networking group. With all due respect, they are really multi-hyphenated, they are really people with so much experience and so many accomplishments, and they found this new venture, I admire them for it, but I have mixed feelings about it. Tsaka pangalawa, talaga naman eh. Kahit di ka nagmumura, mapapamura ka sa mahal ng produkto nila eh. 5 figures!!!! PHP XX,000

Di naman ako ganung kayaman para isugal yung ganung kalaking pera. And even if I have, I’d like to see it for myself kung may epekto talaga. So after the talk, I even managed to take photos with him and his fellow invitees, but I was non-committal about it though I managed to make inquiries.

So fast forward to a week after, translating to Thursday evening. Ang funny nung text nya:

“Happy September 1. Cess, matanong ko lang, ilan ang weight mo? and target ideal weight?”

Bwahahaha. Sinong hindi iikot sa kinauupuan nya dito? or sa kama kung saan ako nakaupo nung mga panahong iyon? Katatapos ko lang magdinner, tapos yun ang mababasa mo? I dunno but if I felt a bit offended, I rationalized that he really wanted because he wanted to help me lose it. Pero shet pa din diba? Well, I said to myself, pinaghirapan kong kainin lahat ng to, so might as well, come clean. I said. Nope, never going to repeat it here. hahaha.

He just said, “22 kgs huh? Madali lang yan.” Di ko talaga alam prends, kung tatawa ako o maiinsulto. kasi I’m not used to those kinds of conversations. Add to the fact that I know that he’s into health and wellness bsiness. Okay lang sana kung Health and Wellness Advocacy eh, maiinspire pa ako, pero chong, nasa Health and Wellness Business ka, networking pa. What does that make me? Do I have to draw the target symbol in my  forehead for you to connect two-and-two? (Bakit walang emoji sa WP??) hahaha.

Add injury to insult, a text convo with him, yet again. Sabi nya, isesend nya sa akin yung meal plan. Syempre from what I heard sa mga convo and orientation nung ‘FINANCIAL SEMINAR’ I have a gist of how much so medyo worried ako. Only to be confirmed and to finally come clean.

He gave me the meal plan, gave me a list of low glycemic foods, the list of supplements I need to take, how much would I lose in a day, in a week, in a month, should I take products. So sabi ko, ok naman lahhat, pero the next question is, magkano?

Gusto ko malaglag sa upuan ko, kasi nga whopping 5 digits yung price. All for the promise of me losing weight. and being healthy. Ok naman sana pumayat, pero naman, nakakalula naman sa mahal. Siguro naman if I control my stomach and my mouth and make well-informed choices about the way I eat, di ako aabot ng ganyang kamahal. So I finally said,

“Okay naman lahat, kaso to tell you honestly, I don’t have that kind of money with me. I don’t have credit card, because I don’t have enough credit history. I’m only back for a year right?”

So HIS Reply came monosyllabic in nature.

Because of this, I was medyo embarrassed, so I said, “I have budgeted my money na kasi on other investments chorva ekla, (thinking of my bahay for rent, na medyo tengga muna for now) to save face.

And then came, “Let’s meet tomorrow. I’m on my way to Makati kasi for a seminar this afternoon, kaya we can’t meet like we used to. I can explain it how you can make this an investement, di lang nman to health and wellness, pang wealth gain din.”


To which I replied, “OH, INGAT KA.”


So ano na mga bes, patay na bata na ba? haha. Goodbye Mr. Positvity na nga ba and Hello Mr. Networking na? Makikipagmeet ba ako sa kanya bukas? Abangan ang mga susunod na pangyayari kasi di ko din alam eh. Hahaha. Just felt like sharing. Iba naman ikekwento ko pag sinipag.


Pero realizations: Gusto ko na din iprioritize yung health ko. Pero di  ko  kaya yung way nya. Gusto ko na din ayusin finances ko, so dapat I must decide paano ko gagawin to. So if there’s one thing I’m thankful for, yun yung heightened awareness ko about Health and Wealth.


About The Scribbler

I have this thirst for learning. I am forever curious. I love to delve into stories by reading, watching or even listening. I believe I am unique. God is with Me all the time. I make mistakes but I learn from them. I love building lasting relationships. I am afraid of the unknown, so it's either I stay away or find out. I believe I am more matured that I was before.
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